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All the information and instructions you need to set up and assemble your Airgarden unit


Finding the best spot for your Airgarden

Your Airgarden needs a sunny spot with a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight per day, and access to power and water.

Assembling your Airgarden

Check out this video, or written instructions below, for instructions on how to assemble your Airgarden.

Setting your timer

Only plug in and switch on the timer once your seedlings are in your Airgarden. Your pump must be plugged in to the timer to ensure your plants are watered in appropriate intervals.

Filling your reservoir for the first time

The Airgarden base reservoir holds 85 litres of water when filled just below the power cord channel. Complete the following steps to fill it up for the first time only.

Additional supplies & accessories

We've put together a helpful list of accessories and supplies that our community of growers like to use with their Airgardens. Although the Airgarden is far less susceptible, an anti pest net is ideal for protecting and covering your Airgarden plants

Setting up a water heater

When growing in cold conditions (i.e. when the daily temperature is consistently below 15º), you can use a heater to control the reservoir water temperature which will help your plants stay stable and continue to thrive during winter. You can find an