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Things you need to do every week to ensure your success growing with the Airgarden


Must-do weekly checks

When you have new seedlings or during autumn/winter, check your water level ONCE PER WEEK. During summer or when fruiting plants are large (e.g. tomatoes, beans, cucumbers), check your water TWICE PER WEEK. ONLY add fresh water when the water level d

Cleaning your Airgarden

You should clean your Airgarden at the start of each new season and, if you’re really diligent, between fresh plantings.

What to do with your Airgarden if you go away

If you’re heading away on a holiday, firstly - good for you! Secondly, here’s what to do with your Airgarden while you are away. If you are only going away for less than 10 days, you can simply ensure the reservoir of your Airgarden is filled with wa

Emptying your base reservoir

You should empty, clean out and refill your base reservoir every 6-8 weeks to ensure your plants thrive.

How to test & adjust your pH levels

You need to test and adjust the pH levels of your Airgarden reservoir every time you add water. Use the pH tester kit provided to test and balance, aiming for pH of 6.0. 5.5 to 6.5 is acceptable.

How to refill your reservoir

You should top up your reservoir when the water has depleted to half way - this will be every 1-3 weeks depending on the season and maturity of your plants. Add nutrients EVERY TIME you refill your reservoir in winter, but only every SECOND time in s

How to check & trim your plants' roots

Roots give you a great indication as to the health of your plants, so you should check them every couple of weeks.