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How to plant seeds, grow seedlings and transfer seedlings to your Airgarden


Planting seeds in Airgarden grow plugs

How to grow seedlings for your Airgarden

Tips for selecting seeds.

Transferring seedlings to your Airgarden

Remember, you MUST ensure the roots have grown through the bottom of the grow plug before you transfer seedlings to your Airgarden. If you have seedlings where the roots aren't through yet, check out what to do here. Here's what to do if they're read

What to do if my seedlings' roots aren't visible?

In order to grow in the Airgarden, plants' roots need to be able to access the water and nutrients being circulated throughout the system. As such, they must be visible to the eye before being transferred to the Airgarden. When you buy ready-to-plant

What to do when your seedlings arrive

So your ready-to-plant seedlings have arrived! First thing's first - HUZZAH!. Secondly, to ensure successful planting in your Airgarden there are a few important things you need to do that are critical to success, so please read the below carefully.