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What is the Airgarden made from?

The Airgarden unit is made from all Australian UV stabilised, food-grade plastic. Food-grade plastics is a term used for plastics deemed safe for contact with food and beverages. If a plastic is food-grade, it has a certain level of purity and doesn'

What is in the Airgarden nutrients?

Our nutrients are a 100% natural, mineral blend solution. They are certified Food and Medicinal Grade quality and are specifically designed for Airgarden's soilless, aeroponic system. Part 1: N-P-K: 5-0-1.5 Nitrogen (N). 5.8% w/v nitrate. 5.65% w/v a

Can I run the Airgarden on solar power?

The Airgarden requires access to power at all times, in order to run the pump which deliver plants are delivered water and nutrients at optimal intervals and levels. The Airgarden pump included with your Airgarden system is 17 Watts, has a 2.0m head